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Pet Sitting

      Whether you're just working for the day or you're going on holiday, this service is the perfect  solution. Pet sitting allows animals to stay in their normal environment without becoming stressed and anxious, due to change.

Drop In sessions

We will visit twice in the day for 30 minutes, these commonly fall morning and afternoon to ensure the animals welfare, as well as breaking up their day. 


Cat per 1/2h


Within Copthorne

Outside Copthorne


per 1/2 hour

Within Copthorne

Outside Copthorne 




Futher Information 

Included in all packages is feeding, providing fresh water, emptying litter trays and removing any faeces where needed. With every visit we take the time to interact with each animal ensuring all receive our tender loving care, and lots of fuss. 

      Packages are available seven day of the week including bank holidays, which are charged at double.
If you have any special requirements we are happy to accommodate these as much as we can. We reserve the right to refuse or withdraw services if we believe we cannot safely work with you pet.
       While looking after your animal companion within their own environment, house duties are likely to arise. We like to do our bit to ensure your house has the occupied look. Within the cost of the pet sitting we also:-
  • Picking up post
  • Turning lights on and off as appropriate
  • Opening and closing curtains as appropriate
  • Water indoor plants if needed (Only if you have stated this)
  • Maintain a clean environment doing other house jobs as and when required
      The services found on this page covers a wide variety of animals and because of that we offer a free consultation to all new customers. This enables us to get to know you and your pet providing them with the best individual care.
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